Specialty Pizzas

Large Veggie Pizza

For the veggie lovers - this one's got it all! Mushroom, onions, peppers, AND olives! Yum!

just $19 With all your favorite veggies!

Large Margherita Pizza

A classic take on the world's favorite food - Pizza! Made with the freshest ingredients! Order one today!

just $1900 Made with fresh ingredients!

Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The perfect pizza for that sporting event party you've been planning! A little bit of spicy, a lot of delicious! Try one today!

just $1900 A spicy new favorite!

Large White Clam Pizza

A New England classic - the white clam pizza blends the best of pizza and seafood with a white sauce. Try this tasty pie today!

just $1900 Served hot and fresh!

Large BBQ Chicken Pizza

Try a different spin on pizza - BBQ chicken. Made with fresh chicken, and tasty barbecue sauce - our BBQ chicken pizza is a favorite among our customers. Try one today!

just $1950 A new spin on BBQ!